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Located in Andover, Massachusetts, APConnsulting, LLC brings a broad background to technology-based consulting that combines deep technical knowledge, a systems view, and a market and business focused approach to applying technology.

We teach and practice Solution Architecture, a methodology that begins with the business or organizational need and develops technology-based solutions that are carefully aligned with these requirements.

  • Align can mean, “We don’t have to change the way we already do things.” The product/solution helps us accomplish what we need to do more easily, more quickly, or less expensively.
  • Align can also mean “We need a better way to do a particular task, but we don’t want to change what’s working”

To create valued solutions we must ask first what the business problem is, and then select, create, adapt, and configure technologies to solve that problem in the most effective, least disruptive manner. Even the newest "cutting edge" products and technological capabilities rarely achieve acceptance by upsetting the established working processes.

When marketed effectively, properly aligned valued products can lead to increased sales, higher return on investment, lower costs, and other immediate benefits.

Our home page focuses on the three broad areas where we can assess and improve fitness: (1) by understanding the technology, industry, and user/stakeholder context; (2) by communicating key dimensions of the solution challenge in order to build or buy the right solution; and (3) by solving the configuration, integration, and customization issues to achieve effective deployment.

Our incorporation as a Limited Liability Corporation allows for business-to-business contracts for those firms that wish to avoid the hassles of W2 or 1099 tax reporting.

Dr. Alex Paul Conn, Principal, received his Ph.D. from University of California, Berkeley in computer science with a dissertation that focused on gathering and representing requirements for large-scale reliable software systems. His earlier degrees in engineering and computer graphics at Dartmouth College and Dartmouth’s Thayer School of Engineering exposed him to business and creative “methods engineering” approaches. A workflow and task analysis of any system—even highly successful ones—can almost always result in improvements and increased efficiencies.

These ideas were not invented in a vacuum. At InfoClarus, Alex redesigned a BlackBerry interface reducing entry of an attorney time reporting application by an order of magnitude. He designed the information and navigation architecture for a wireless email user provisioning application. He is currently establishing a Solution Architecture methodology for a large telecommunications firm.

As a “hands on” manager of a technical office and as a high-level technical architect and consultant reporting to vice presidents at Digital Equipment Corporation/Compaq and Nortel Networks, Alex brought clarity to areas ranging from security to internationalization and software methodologies to compound document architecture. During the rise of the Web and Internet, Alex developed and delivered all modules related to security and privacy; information architecture; and content management, navigation, and graphics design for maximum usability. He played a central role in defining the solution architecture program including delivering highly successful workshops and training symposia that often incorporated high-profile customers.

During much of the cross-component architectural research and development of bodies of knowledge and best practices, John Parodi worked directly with Alex in developing very effective technical white papers, articles, guidelines, policies and procedures, and other material as a very senior technical writer. Those who work on a technical project soon realize that their understanding of the area improves significantly while working with John. APConnsulting, LLC is pleased to include John as a resource.

Note: This web site is a work in progress. As you explore this web site, you will notice there is less flash than is often seen on today’s sites. Flash is exciting, but is often hard to use, especially by individuals with impaired capabilities, non-standard software, or slow connections to the Internet. We are attempting to make virtually all information keyboard accessible (that is, not requiring mouse dexterity), and readable by screen readers for the blind. The web does not always make this easy, there are many tradeoffs (especially for highly visual individuals) and Dreamweaver doesn't always cooperate. Any feedback and tips are always appreciated.

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